Nemesis is a client and server modification for quake 3 version 1.16n offering the functionality of OSP (from 1.32) and more! Nemesis is split into client and server because the client can be used on its own to emulate many usability features from 1.32 modifications. The most popular features are enemy model & color selection, OSP style scoreboard and chat token substitution, but there are many more! Check out the client documentation for more details.

The VIP code to join the forum is 86210


30th January, 2009
Our .com domain is expiring soon and it seems pointless to renew it, so I just created a subdomain on another domain I own. This means the site will be around forever as I always renew the tilion.org.uk domain.

The latest release/s have the wrong domain and contact information on, so it is likely a new release will be made to tie up loose ends and update the domain information.
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2nd November, 2007
Freaky has just released a new beta release of Carnage for all those eager testers. What are you waiting for, go get it from the downloads section!
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6th August, 2007
Freaky has been working hard lately and is now ready to release Carnage 7.1.
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23rd June, 2007
Just released another SuperHUD beta (version 529) which now has 5 example HUDS (hud1.cfg, hud2.cfg, hud3.cfg, hud4.cfg and hud5.cfg). The new beta allows health and ammo values to blink and highlight red when below a set value, just like the original Q3 HUD. Blinking and highlighting is controlled by the extra attribute - check the sample HUDs to see as they all use it.
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14th April, 2007
I've had some free time lately so I've got one of our big additions up to a beta stage - the superHUD! Create and customise your own HUDs in a simple text file. There is no formal documention on the HUD yet, so if you have questions please ask on the forum as it's in no way complete. Check out the downloads section for the latest client beta pk3 file and this forum thread for a discussions.
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13th February, 2007
OK, we work slowly, we know it, but it's because we're busy people. The good news is that another developer called Freaky (author of Carnage mod) has joined us. Initially, this is a code sharing relationship, but eventually Freaky will contribute to Nemesis and perhaps speed us up!

We've decided to share the website and forum too, so there will be a Carnage section appearing soon. Stay tuned ...
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24th January, 2007
The latest beta version of the Nemesis Client is available in the downloads section. If you find a bug or have any comments please tell us about it in the forum.
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6th January, 2007
Happy New Year! There have been many changes happening with Nemesis Server removing bugs, improving existing features and finishing documentation. A small group of beta testers have been helping to test and provide feedback, but we've decided that the beta versions should be made public so everyone can try it out. If you find a bug, no documentation or something that doesn't work as you expect, please tell us about it in the forum.
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13th November, 2006
First public release of Nemesis Server. Expect a few bugs and a whole bunch of documentation to come, but a chance for those eager admins to have a play with the new Nemesis Server.
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7th November, 2006
As you may have noticed there are some problems with the website and forum! We are moving web hosts because the old one kindly locked our account without much warning. The downloads and forum will come back eventually, so don't panic!
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23rd October, 2006
Nemesis Client 2.0.11 is released with a new tournament (1v1) scoreboard and the beginnings of client location identification based on IP. As usual the What's New section of the documentation has the details.
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22nd October, 2006
The website has been reorganised in preparation for a couple of new features scheduled to appear in the next couple of weeks. A few quick and dirty top banners have been created for now, but if any kind people fancy making a good one we'd be very happy!
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27th September, 2006
A couple of embarrassing bugs were in the 2.0.8 release, so today we're bring out 2.0.10 to resolve those bugs and add the much asked for feature to disable spark effects.
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22nd September, 2006
Nemesis Client 2.0.8 is released as the server will be a bit longer before it is ready and we don't want to keep people waiting. Not quite as polished as previous releases, but expect another client release along with the server release.
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8th August, 2006
Anyone who was waiting for Nemesis 1.6.0 to be released - afraid it will never happen. Why? Nemesis and Damned Arena have been combined to create one server/client modification called Nemesis! You can still download Nemesis Client and it will work as before (on all servers), but anyone who runs a server can download Nemesis Server as it has some special features which can help prevent cheating. The new Nemesis will be branded as version 2.0.0
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31st March, 2006
Added Monkey Magic and Q3 Gold Downgrader utilities to the downloads section.
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22nd February, 2006
Nemesis 1.5.0 is release! Check the readme file for documentation and the What's New section, for well, what's new!
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16th February, 2006
A very much simplified website has been launched as nemesis switches over to the q3nemesis.com domain (yes, it's got it's very own now!). The site is very blank and incomplete for now, but I'll be adding all the downloads back very soon.
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6th June, 2006
We realise a lot of users do not speak english as their first language, so in an aid to help them understand the website and the documentation better we have added links to translate the site into different languages. Sadly we have not become fluent in 6 languages overnight, it is thanks to the power of google translation! If your language is not there, then sorry but google does not support it yet - plus you managed to understand this news so your english can not be that bad after all!
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